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About us

一般社団法人 May Music Office

104-0061 中央区銀座一丁目22番11号 銀座大竹ビジデンス2階


■May Music Office

The theme of international exchange through the music, we are working to realize society that recognizes diversity of cultures.

Organizing international cultural exchange music concert event with Japanese local governments and the various countries embassies in Tokyo.

In 2023 with the project adopted by the ministry of economy, organized May Kotohira Harp concerts at the rural cultural assets for regional revitalization in Japan, cooperated with Cultural Properties Protection and tourism department of 8 regions of local governments. Made Music video and put it on YouTube for promote Japanese cultures through music to overseas.

In 2022-2021 with the project adopted by the ministry of culture, organized 6 of international cultural exchange music concerts with the theme of these countries and arrange all the organization and also arrange the program that offers small lecture from embassies and the music with harp with the musician of each countries.

Since 2021 with the project adopted by the ministry of culture, organized international understanding Harp school concert with school board.

■一般社団法May Music Office 






一般社団法人May Music Officeは〜音楽を通して国際交流を〜テーマに様々な取組を行っています。






音楽 × 国際交流 =




メイ 琴平


ハープ奏者。一般社団法人May Music Office 代表理事。福岡教育大学を卒業、在学中にオーストラリアキャンベラ大学に留学、文化人類学、社会学を専攻。2003-2005年、大学卒業後、JICA協力隊員として南米パラグアイにて女性の自立支援プログラムとして、家政隊員として活動。ラテンハープに出会い習い始める。




May Kotohira

(Harpist, Representative of May Music Office)

Graduated from Fukuoka national Uni of Education and took anthropology and sociology as an exchange student of Canberra University in Australia.

Participated in JOCV and work for supporting women’s independence program, offering classes of home economics in Paraguay in 2003-2005. Then had opportunities to learn the Latin harp and started play the harp.

Now have been participated and offered harp performance for many embassies national ceremonies, national day, independence anniversary and anniversary of diplomacy establishment with nearly 40 countries embassies in Japan.

Apart from playing the harp having numerous media appearances.

Having own FM radio program for 2.5years and invited 30 countries ambassadors as a guest and introduce about the countries that broadcasted main 24 area of Tokyo as live.

Having own magazine corner that is for the association of ministry of tourism covered and edit about own activity and introduce the world heritage with the cooperation of the embassy’s cultural affairs.


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